1. backyard shenanigans 


  2. One of them kinda years..

    Lot’s of dude’s getting hurt on the BMX’s this year it seems, as Ray would say, way she goes boys..

    Made it over to the Sunshine coast to hang out with Wade for a few days and he ended up over shooting the box jump to flat and getting a couple fractures in his lower back.. 

    Luke G snapped his coller bone at Kush and Dilly busted his wrist, summer fun! Heal up duders.. 

    Managed to snap a couple pics there and some more shots from the trails..

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  3. "Don’t worry ‘cause shit will always happen"

  4. Lunch break.


  5. Before it all went wrong…

    Well that was certainly a crappy way to end and start the years 2011/2012, by the way anyone who can return my hard drives or computer will get a sweet reward. On the bright side, I’m at least positive I’m not the dumbest guy on the planet, I think my old pal has filled in those shoes to a T.

    Here’s to you chummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmp.

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  6. Long gone are the dog days of summer… Hoping for one more autumn session before the trails go into hibernation.


  7. Live the dream

    For as long as you can anyways.. Some of the crew and myself made the journey to the 2011 Heavy Nettle BMX jam-a-thon. Check out some pic’s below!

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  8. Reading the paper and deciding on working on the computer or going to the trails.. BMX wins again.

  9. Kodak film shot from the Idaho Canadian BASE/Over The Edge Productions beerfest. 

  10. Can’t keep a good man down. We shall see how long for though, Boss Luke went down at the trails in the city just after we made this city trip. Bummer, take ‘er sleazy buddy!